365 Photo Prompt: June 16 2017


I apologise. I’ve tried uploading this photo over and over. My phone hates it. You will have to check my Instagram. 

I couldn’t help it. I knew you weren’t supposed to have favourites, but everyone knew that we did. 

Everything about him screamed cute and I was often struck by just how much I loved him. Sometimes my heart felt like it was going to burst and he wasn’t even mine. 

His little hands grasped his lunchbox as he piped up, “Look! Look!”

I looked and said, “Oh my goodness, so cute!” 

I wasn’t talking about his lunchbox, but nobody else knew that. Only him. 

He grinned, his eyes crinkling and his dimple appearing. 

Yep, I had it bad. 

He was my favourite student and boy, did he know it. 


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