A Haircut to Remember

Oh yes. It is definitely one to remember.

It’s been just over a week since I had it done and although my personal excitement may have dimmed slightly (meaning I’ve stopped looking at my reflection so much and thinking, ‘fuck I’m beautiful!’), the reactions of others is still coming.

My friends love it. Random strangers have stopped me on the street to say how beautiful it is and my students (the girls) won’t stop running their hands over my head.

Oh and then there’s the staff from all the places I go regularly.

The 7-Eleven ladies’ faces lit up, the kaiten-sushi (conveyor belt or sushi train) staff said, “Wow, you look so stylish!”

But my two favourite comments came from two men I know. 

The first was from the Master at my favourite okonomiyaki restaurant. I sat there in his restaurant for an entire hour before he realised I had indeed had a haircut. 

His simple response of, “Sugoi!” meaning, ‘amazing!’ in Japanese was priceless. 

The second comment happened this morning when I ran into a Japanese friend of mine. 

His question, “Is your mind okay?”

I assured him yes, it was not a Britney moment. In fact, it was a moment of clarity. 

And with that, knowing I was happy, he was too. 


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