365 Photo Prompt: May 23 2017

Technology:It was a wonderful thing… Some of the time. 

You could find information with a few taps of the keyboard, talk to someone face-to-face on the other side of the world and send mail with the click of a button. 

Which is what I had done. 

By accident. 

I had been ranting and raving and writing a pretend email to my ex boss and exactly what I thought of him and boom, his damn fucking email address had decided to insert itself back into my list of contacts and thus, away flew the email through cyber space. 

It was impossible. 

I had deleted every trace of him from my life. There was no way according to technology that it could do what it had. 

My email hated me. It was doing it to get back at me. All the times I had forced it against its will to send him drunken messages pleading for my job back; it had remembered and was now using it against me. 

Either that or The Universe was playing a cruel game and fucking with my mind. 

I was having none of this. There was only one way to settle the score and that was to disconnect from every piece of modern life there was. 

I was determined to become a recluse. 


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