365 Photo Prompt: May 22 2017

Please note that this is a work of fiction. 

Pink: I had never done anything really controversial in my life. 

I was the good girl who always wanted to please people. 

Well, I’d decided for once in my life to throw caution to the wind or to give a big middle finger to everyone and say, “Fuck you!” God knows I’d suffered enough and put up with enough shit to last a lifetime. 

I wanted to scream the word, “Cunt,” out loud and I wanted to make people listen. 

So I spread my lips wide and I yelled with every fibre of my being, “Cunt!”

Yes, I did shock people and I did offend some people. 

But I also felt liberated and I couldn’t help but grin. 

The vagina had (finally) spoken.

She was pink and angry and she’d had enough of arseholes. 


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