365 Photo Prompt: May 21 2017

Although I’m using a new list of photography prompts, it seems that everyone wants to keep doing, ‘Where I Stand.’ I decided to stick with it today, but to put a slight spin on it by writing a list of things I hate and have always hated about someone I know. Oh okay, if you must know, it’s my ex, but I’m killing two birds with one stone here: 1. I get to complete my photography and writing prompt and 2. (and the most important; even more important writing right now), is to actually get this negative shit out so it can be replaced by positive vibes. Believe me, I’m working REALLY, FUCKING hard and I’m frustrated it’s taking so long. Guess that’s what happens when someone does something REALLY FUCKING BAD to you.


10 Things I Hate About You… Where I Stand:

Actually, I lie. There are far, far, far more things that I hate about you, possibly too many to count and this is clearly where I stand.


And I’m mixing my writers here and saying, “How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.”


  • Judging me on drinking and enjoying it
  • Speaking to me like a child
  • Being a racist cunt
  • Your annoying, whiny voice
  • Talking about your countless ex-girlfriends- why did I not see this as a HUGE red flag meaning that no one can possibly be your age and have that many exes unless there’s something wrong with them?!
  • Being impatient with students who are trying their best and yet may not be as smart as you with learning languages
  • Withholding affection and sex as punishment when I did something you considered to be wrong
  • Having no friends
  • Being a boring person and never doing anything
  • Being a negative person
  • Never allowing me to make decision/Making choices for me all the time
  • Not being into costumes (I’m talking in sexual matters)
  • Not believing in foreplay (5 minutes will do, won’t it?)
  • Being a boring sexual person (sure, multiple positions, but big fucking deal)
  • Not being nice to people in general
  • Being an obnoxious fucking prick
  • Setting constant challenges I needed to, ‘pass,’ in order for you to move onto the next stage of the relationship
  • Never being satisfied
  • Looking dishevelled and being extremely unprofessional at work
  • Never being organised
  • Reading texts and not replying
  • Never apologising when you’re wrong
  • Leaving me waiting and not telling me
  • Never paying for a single fucking date (I don’t expect it at all, but it would be nice to make a gesture and effort occasionally)
  • Having no goals or at least never actually having the balls to get out of your comfort zone to pursue them
  • Being selfish
  • Constantly bagging people who believe in God or something that you think is wrong/illogical/fill in the blanks
  • Raving and going on and on about how illogical believing in God is
  • Always thinking you’re right
  • Leading people on
  • Shutting down emotionally and walking away when you don’t want to talk about something
  • Not dealing with reality
  • Being rude to my friends
  • Assuming that because you were a boyfriend that you had the right to use my body whenever you wanted
  • Not being particularly nice or supportive of your family
  • Lying/withholding information
  • Risking my health for your own personal pleasure (I’m talking about unprotected sex with me and whoever else you were fucking)
  • Not taking care of me when I was sick
  • Actually saying out loud, “Can I go now? Girlfriends are so time consuming.”
  • Telling me you wanted me to want and need you and yet when I told you I did, you pushed me away

 You know what? This list is endless and pointless because I can’t think of more positive things than maybe five. If I was doing a pros and cons list, my decision would be made.


Hence, you can stay the fuck out of life and away from me and never haunt me or pollute my world again.








I am not your friend and I will never be your friend.


You are an arsehole and a dick.


I am done.


Fuck you.


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