365 Photo Prompt: May 19 2017

A favourite place:I can’t limit myself to a favourite place in Hiroshima… The whole city stole my heart some time ago. Hence why I couldn’t decide on just one photo! 

Walking in the early mornings and late at night when the city is sleeping, or at least quiet, is a favourite past-time of mine. I like feeling as though I have the whole city to myself; I’m the only one it’s thinking of for a brief moment in time and space. 

This morning I strung my camera around my neck and set off. These are the photos I took on my walk: in my neighbourhood of Yokogawa, stepping outside my apartment, walking down my favourite stretch of Nakahiro, the Main Street, heading up towards the Peace Park on Densha Dori overlooking the river up towards the north and the mountains and finally making my way to the Dome and the Park. 


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