365 Photo Prompt: May 8 2017

A smell you (I) adore:One smell I adore is a little difficult for most normal people to handle. Hence I’m not normal and those who like the same smell are kindred spirits. 

I love the smell of the pachinko parlour near my apartment. 

Now for those unfamiliar with the Japanese game, let me explain. It’s basically like the amusement games where you have the metal ball you have to navigate through a maze. 

I could go on and on about how this is akin to gambling but I would not only be annoying Japanese people who assure me it’s NOTHING like that, I would also be going off on a tangent instead of telling you all about one of my favourite smells. 

Yes, a heady mixture of stale cigarettes, something that reminds me vaguely of toilet cleaner and desperation. It’s intoxicating. 

The funniest thing though is that the place is called, ‘Craps.’

Do I tell people I love the smell of ‘Craps?’ 

Hell no, because that would be an entirely different smell. 


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