365 Photo Prompt: May 1 2017

This prompt and post is dedicated to something the whole world needs: peace. I love you Hiroshima. X

The Peace Park will forever be one of my favourite places in the entire world. 

People go there for all sorts of reasons; to see the Dome, to visit the museum, to spend some time sitting in a place where history was made or to just relax and find some peace and tranquility from everyday life. Others are merely passing through either literally or figuratively. 

It’s a beautiful place in any season, in the light of day or in the dark at night. 

I’ve spent countless hours wandering around there and it’s true, you really do feel calmer there. It’s also a place where I’ve gone during my darkness hours to remind myself that even in those moments there is hope. 

If a city can survive an atomic bomb, I can survive a broken heart. 

It’s not the end of the world. In fact, maybe it’s the beginning. 

And that’s the other thing… People go through life searching for peace as though it were an external thing. It’s not. It’s to be found within. 


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