365 Photo Prompt: April 27 2017

Children: I never wanted children.

People said I would change my mind and for literally a heartbeat in time I did. And only because I fell for him. Then he’d treated me like shit and I had closed up. The moment was gone and I knew then that it was never coming back. 

To be honest, I didn’t trust him. Or not enough anyway. He already had a family and he’d failed at that. I didn’t want to be a halfhearted attempt at another and I also didn’t want to be left like the last woman. He had his story and he was sticking to it but I didn’t quite know whether I believed that either. 

I smiled at the thought of all my students now. They were like my own kids. I saw them for nearly 8 hours a day and I was hugged, kissed, climbed on, sat on, sneezed and coughed on as if they were my own. It didn’t bother me at all. They were kids; they were just being themselves. 

It was nice to be around such brutal honesty for once in my life. I felt like I’d finally met my tribe. 

And they were 30 years my junior.


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