I’m allergic to spring… or perhaps people

I hate this time of year.

Sure, it’s spring and the weather is warmer, the cherry blossoms are blooming, school and new jobs are starting and apparently, it’s time for new beginnings and love, but…

Hiroshima people are going to hate me for this, but it’s also when the baseball season starts.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like baseball and I am a Carp fan, but I don’t for one minute enjoy the congestion that Game Days bring.

In fact, I try to time my comings-and-goings with when local games are scheduled. I will do anything to avoid Hiroshima Station or trains (and public transport in general) when they’re on.

If I haven’t checked and suddenly I spot a sea of red shirts marching towards me, I do find myself groaning out loud, blurting out an expletive or two and messaging friends who regularly use trains to warn them of the impending situation. And no, I’m not an exception. I have found fellow haters of these events; it’s just that they aren’t so brave and vocal about voicing their opinion as me. Probably for fear of death threats.

Today for example, I missed a train because it was A. Carp Game Day, B. Too full and C. Too full because it was the Carp Train. Yes, the big red one covered in photos of the players. Oh and D. Carp versus Giants.

“Fuck!” I’d said out loud. I debated whether I should have just walked the whole way to Soleil but with the cold that I have, I decided that wouldn’t have been be the wisest decision.

Carp Games and baseball season aside, this time of the year also means the annual Flower Festival.

I love flowers, but to be honest, I’ve never been to that part of the festival. I go for the food and only if I’m with someone else who has managed to drag me there kicking and screaming.

I detest the crowds. Actually no, I detest the influx of visitors who take over our city. This I know is not just me either because I’ve heard others complaining about it. In fact, I’m sure a large majority of the crowd aren’t locals because many locals I know avoid the whole event like the plague.

I used to hate winter in Hiroshima and longed for the warmer months. Now I’m the opposite. I yearn for the time of year when things start to cool down again and by this, I mean literally and figuratively. I breathe a sigh of relief when low season comes and the tourists disappear to warmer parts of the world. I am already looking forward to winter when Hiroshima becomes quiet again.

Until then I think I might hide out in my apartment; or perhaps my neighbourhood; Yokogawa has a lot to love about it. I’ve noticed now that I’m even avoiding downtown at this time of year.

If you notice me missing, please message or email me or even better, stop by to make sure I’m alive. I need social interaction, but with people who are familiar and comforting and… local.

Did I mention I hate this time of year?




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