CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: March 31 2017

New Growth:I had changed and I hadn’t even realised it. 

I had assumed that new growth was always painful; at least, that had been my experience in the past three years. Yet what I had discovered was that growth wasn’t painful; it was trying to stay the same that was. 

And change, like so many things in life is inevitable. I had been trying to control and fight it even though I knew it was necessary. Everything I had experienced, even the lowest of the lows had led me to this point in time and now it was time to shake those wings out and fly. I needed to lean into the wind and go with it. 

I was trying more new things than ever before. Tonight I was sleeping in a capsule hotel; I felt like a submariner. It even had a recording of ocean waves for me to fall asleep to. 

I couldn’t change the past, nor could I predict the future. I wasn’t sure what I was headed for. 

I just knew I was going home. 


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