CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: March 15 2017

Hands Full:

I’d been told I was too much to handle for one man. 

My response: no, I’m just too much for a weak man. 

I wasn’t going to change who I was for anyone. I’d done that once before and I vowed never to do it again. 

The truth was, I was tired of the pathetic losers who kept knocking on my door. 

Last year I would have fallen for their sad sob stories; this year I was a bitch who sat back and waited for them to own their shit and take responsibility for their problems before I even acknowledged that they existed. 

I had my hands full with work and my own pursuits; I didn’t need or want anyone. 

That wasn’t going to change unless the right person came along and I wasn’t anticipating that anytime soon. 

I had all the balls I needed; I didn’t want anyone else’s. 


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