CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: February 24 2017


‘Commemorate,’ might seem like a strange choice of word when you’re referring to something that you really want to forget. 

Nevertheless, it’s the word I’ve chosen and relates to something that I want to do. 

I want a tattoo.

Actually I want more than that, but let’s start with one. 

Okay, two. 

The first thing I want is a semicolon on my right wrist. This is to represent that despite everything that has happened, my story is far from over. 

The second one that I want, which also relates to this word, is a phoenix. Yes, as in rising from the ashes. 

Recently a number of things have pointed to the fact that this one is very important for me to get. 

It may even be that I need to get this one first. Or on the same day as the other one. 

This week I went to see the new ‘Magnificent Seven,’ movie. Sam Chisolm’s quote struck me right in the heart. 

He said, “What we lost in the fire, we founds in the ashes.”

The next thing that happened was that a friend recommended I listen to a podcast that uses the chapters of Harry Potter to give spiritual guidance. 


Another phoenix reference. 

The third event occurred yesterday when I was reading the sequel to the book, ‘Shanghai Baby,’ and the author Wei Hui writes, “…for sometimes when a woman makes love with a pig it’s to punish herself, and later rise like a phoenix from the ashes. For women, this is a kind of self-improvement.”

As soon as I read that I got chills because this is exactly how I feel. 

In fact it’s also exactly what I did. 

I’m making my appointment today. 


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