CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: February 21 2017

Replicate:My funds were dwindling and my savings were now non-existent.

I wondered whether I’d be able to eat next week. Possibly Daiso food. Hmm, that was a positive thought. 

I refused to beg for money and there was no way in hell I was selling my body. I doubted that anyone would buy it anyway; at least not the type of people I would want to buy it. 

It sucked being poor. 

I needed a job that paid. 

Like all creative souls I knew I was never going to be rich. I took comfort in knowing that other writers and artists struggled with the same problems as me. But that didn’t really make me feel any better. 

I needed to get off my arse and try really hard. I needed to be persistent and almost annoying. 

Give me a job give me a job give me a job give me a job give me a job. 

Maybe that was what I needed to replicate, not money after all.


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