CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: February 7 2017

Scenery:I came here when I needed to think; usually before a major decision or when my mind was conflicted. 

Today though, I felt at peace; calm and content with my place in the world and most importantly of all, with myself. 

This place meant a lot to me. 

It was the first place my best friend had taken me to when I arrived and we often met there to talk about our lives and to plan our latest pursuits. 

It was also the place I had come when I had no job and no options and wasn’t sure what to do next. 

Whenever I came here things became clear and I made the decision I needed to make. 

What decision did I have to make today? Maybe my subconscious led me here when I know I needed to do something. Today I wasn’t sure what that was. Then again, maybe I did but I wasn’t prepared to go there just yet. 

As I surveyed the beautiful scenery before me I snapped a photo to remind myself of yet another trip here. I always took photos. 

Pressing the button to flip through the photos I had taken, I saw my coffee cup reflected in the image and smiled at how many coffees I’d had up here. The photo was grainy and wasn’t the best shot I had ever taken but hey, it was a memory and that was all I cared about. 

Nope, I still wasn’t ready to let this place go and it seems as each year passed the city itself got a firmer hold of me. 

I was okay with that. 

It seems my days of emotional unavailability and issues with commitment were gone. 

I had grown up after all. 


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