CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: February 6 2017


She opened the filing cabinet and flipped through the folders until she came to his. 

She wasn’t quite sure how to classify him. Sure, she’d spoken to him, had done the tests and yet she still didn’t know where he fitted in. 

There was no doubt he had a problem; multiple in fact, but then just because someone had issues didn’t mean they were insane. 

He was charming for sure, but she hadn’t been fooled by that. According to sources she’d spoken to, he’d left a carnage of women in his wake. He didn’t seem to have any problem admitting that he’d simple used woman after woman for sex, or ‘fucking,’ as he liked to describe it. In fact, when she’d asked him about it he’d been more than willing to talk about it. 

“Yeah, a real charmer,” she murmured to herself. 

There had to be a piece missing that she hadn’t made the connection to just yet; a clue that would make everything else make sense. 

She scanned the pages of his file. 

“Come on, give it up,” she said out loud. “I know you’re there.”

What had turned this seemingly ordinary young man into a sexual predator?

There was definitely something twisted and fucked up going on in his mind. 

She closed the file and stood up to put it back in the drawer. As she did, a piece of lined paper dropped out onto the floor. It was the drawing he’d done for her when she’d asked him to draw how he saw herself. 

She didn’t know why she hadn’t seen it before, but suddenly it was blatantly obvious. 

“Got you motherfucker.”


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