CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: February 4 2017

Selective Focus:He had a very selective focus. 

When he was painting he forgot everything else. It was as though everything around him became blurry and only the paint was clear. 

It was the only time his brain was quiet and as strange as it sounded, it was the only time he could hear the world around him. 

He didn’t know what he would do without his painting. He could think of nothing else he wanted to do with his life and he knew that nothing would ever come between him and it. 

But then he hadn’t yet met Elizabeth. And he didn’t know that her strange, manipulative ways would shake him to the core and make him forget everything he knew about himself. 

Of course fate could always step in and there was still time for the entire plan to change. 

The universe waited with bated breath for his next decision. 


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