CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: February 2 2017


I’d been coming here for weeks on end, either by myself or with friends. 

It was my new safe place, a place where I had laughed and a place where I had collapsed sobbing uncontrollably. 

No one bothered me. No one looked at me strangely. Konbini were the type of places where people didn’t judge; they attracted all kinds and together we combined our quirks and weirdness to make it a unique melting pot of hodgepodge characters. 

Normally I plugged my earphones in and ignored the whole world but today I sat in quiet observance of everyone and everything around me. 

I needed to feel again. I needed to stop numbing the pain and just feel. Talking had helped but ultimately I needed to just work through it in my own. No one could help me with that and no one could take on my pain for me. 

I was stronger than I ever knew I could be and knew that after this I could face anything that was put in front of me. 

I just needed to take it one day at a time.


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