CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: January 29 2017

Contrast: The colourless arcade outside was in stark contrast to what I was wearing and how I was feeling inside. 

I was raging. 

I’m sure people could feel it coming off me in waves. If they had cut me open it wouldn’t be blood that came out; it would be emotion of every colour ready to wash over everything in its path. 

I knew I’d been silent for too long. I knew that it was easier that way. But since when had I shied away from speaking the truth? I had been too nice. I’d had enough of holding onto my grief and this horrible secret for too long. 

The wheels were already in motion the moment I had made the decision to open my mouth. I wasn’t going to take the blame for something that someone else had done that was NOT right and was in NO WAY my choice. 

I had a big mouth and I could write. That was a lethal combination and it was time to unleash that power. 

I hoped they were ready to run because I was going to hunt them down and tear them apart. 

And they weren’t going to survive.  


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