In the flow… 

It seems that I finally made the connection that I had been trying to grasp last year but failed to do. In fact, it’s now become a collection of connections (hey that rhymes!) which are scarily coming one after the other. As a friend said, “You’re finally in the flow of the universe.” 

I’m not a huge fan of all that New Age bullshit, mainly because I’ve known a few loony people who spout this stuff at every opportunity, yet at the same time I cannot deny that it would seem that way. 

Take last week for example:

I was thinking that instead of going back to Australia to visit my mum this year that it would be nice to meet in Hawaii like we did nearly 12 years ago. Within minutes I got an email from my mum saying why don’t we meet in Hawaii? 

Over the break an American friend also let me in on a secret: I’m an ENFP according to the Myers Briggs personality types. Him telling me that was like turning a light on. I suddenly know why I am the way I am and why I do the things I do. And why I choose the people I do as both friends and lovers. 

Last night out of the blue, a Japanese friend from here who now lives in Australia messages me with the same website I had been reading about it and said have you seen this website? 



I don’t believe in them. 

And on Wednesday I decided to change my attitude towards someone and boom! Their attitude towards me changed the moment I walked into the room. 

In other words, your thoughts really do construct reality. As a writer I used to think that written words had power but recent events would indicate that even words that stay only in your mind have the potential to do the same. 

Now that’s a dangerous thought. 



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