CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: January 4 2017


He’d underestimated me. 

That was stupid, oh so very stupid of him, but then, what else did I expect from such a narrow-minded, ignorant person?

Jessica? he’d ask, his eyes widening in surprise. No, she’s an honest, decent person; the best I know. She’s a good girl, she wouldn’t do such a thing. 

Oh yes, he’d definitely underestimated me. 

I supposed I’d underestimated him too; never believed he was capable of the evil he inflicted upon others. 

There had been warning signs of course, although I’d chosen to ignore them. I’d learned my lesson the hard way. 

I watched as he drew back deeply on his cigarette, the tip flaring brightly. His features visibly relaxed and I realised just how much he’d aged. The stress had clearly taken its toll. 

I laughed out loud at that thought. That was nothing. I was just getting started. A few people near me looked up briefly but when they saw I was just an innocent looking girl they went back to their business. 

So close, I whispered. So close and you have no idea I’m even here. I wondered again at his stupidity. 

He straightened his tie and ran a hand through his hair. Yes, something was clearly bothering him. I could see it in the way he suddenly narrowed his eyes and the crease appeared between his brows. He had every reason to be worried. 

When he’d become involved with me he’d remarked at how many people I knew. He was right. It was perhaps the only thing he’d ever been right about.  

Yes, not only had he underestimated me, but he’d overlooked one very important thing: I knew people and those people knew people. 

People I could call on at any time, under any circumstance. 

People who liked me, even loved me, and who would fight to protect me. 

Yes, friends who were prepared to kill for me. 


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