CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: January 1 2017

Happy New Year:

I’d woken up before the sun. In the dark I fumbled for my socks and pulled my beanie down to cover my ears. It was cold outside, but not as cold as yesterday. 

As I walked through the streets, the normally silent, early morning peace was broken by a few late night revellers laughing as they walked home.

Happy New Year, I thought to myself.

This year was going to be a good one. I could feel the promise of that in the air; heavy, like a tangible thing I could almost reach out and touch. I smiled to myself. Anything would be better than last year. I was feeling surprisingly optimistic. 

When the sun finally rose over the first day of the year, its rays touched each object in its path, illuminating the way. I felt like maybe it was doing the same for me.

As the sun slowly made its way across the sky and finally slipped down behind the building to the west of my apartment I noticed a strong beam of light in my kitchen. 

How was that possible? I thought to myself. The sun was in the opposite direction. 

It was then that I noticed it being reflected from a window across the way. I stared, fascinated, through a crack in my kitchen window. It may have disappeared in one place, but it had reappeared in another.

I wasn’t going to search desperately for anything this year; the right things would come to me in due course. 

No matter what the year threw at me, the sun was a reminder that everything was a reflection of me and my attitude to it. 

And this year, I was ready for anything. 


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