The Last Day of 2016… 

Thank fuck. 

What a year. 

With that in mind… 


Yesterday I promised to unveil my new challenges for 2017 and the things I hope to achieve. 
Writing, as you know is my top priority. I never go anywhere without a notebook and pen and I have scraps of paper floating around everywhere with ideas on them. 
So… from tomorrow I will be embarking on a new challenge where I take a photo a day using my new but definitely underused Ricoh GRII and then I use that photo as a prompt to write a piece a day. 
I am also going to buy a small separate journal where every night I jot down what I did that day in brief. I kind of see it as a record of my life for 2017. 
I have Seven Areas of Life I’ve also designed goals for and these are below:
1. Personal and Social: Go to at least one new place or do at least one new activity every week. 
2. Financial: Save at least 2000¥ a week.

3. Family: Visit my mum in Australia. 

4. Work and Career: Promote my writing more with the aim of getting a fulltime gig in freelance or magazine work. 

5. Mind/Intellect: Be conversation-fluent in Japanese by the end of the year. 

6. Spiritual growth: Do the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage. 

7. Physical and Health: Join a dance or cycling group/club to do an activity at least once a week OR try a new sport.


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