365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 365

365. Congratulations:

Wow. 365 days. I wrote something every single day for 365 days straight. One year. 

I never skipped a day and whether I was sick, busy or just super hungover I wrote. 

I learned that the same New Year’s Resolution I made every year for the past who knows how many years was possible if I stopped making excuses and just wrote. 
I dedicated an approximate time as to when I would do it (in the morning) and after awhile it just became a habit. 

Hence I’ve learned that anything, good or bad, can become a habit and sometimes we keep doing it even long after we realise A. We don’t enjoy it anymore or B. It’s not serving us anymore. 

Thus, I also learned to let go, even when it was painful, because honestly, it was more painful holding on. Get brutal. Drop everything (and everyone!) you don’t need; those things or people who don’t add something to your life and make you a better person. 

To be honest, I’m super chuffed and proud of myself that I stuck to it. I found that I looked forward to it each day and that people enjoyed reading or listening to what I wrote too. 

Although this is technically the last prompt, I will of course be writing tomorrow to unveil my challenges etc. for next year. The reason the prompts finished a day early is because this year was a Leap Year and it doesn’t take that into account. 

So here I leave you, 365 days of writing prompts and a challenge I would definitely recommend to any writer or just someone who wants to get back into a regular writing habit; or even a newbie to writing!!! 

It’s time for the next challenge/challenges! Bring it/them on 2017! 


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