365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 360

360. Review: 

Wow this year in review huh?

Well, here goes… 

January: Quit my old job because my old boss is a lying, money-obsessed person with no morals who sleeps with his students and has a major personality disorder. 

February: Have an interview for my new job and get it; the start of something new!

March: My visa is extended and my stress ends. Say goodbye to a friend for the last time. 

April: Start my new job and go to Ohnan in Shimane for the first time. 

May: Nothing significant. Wait, I vomit from food poisoning.

June: Foolishly agree to go on a date with a foreign guy after much warning from coworkers. He decides when we are boyfriend and girlfriend despite me asking numerous times what his intentions are and him not telling me. Don’t realise his control issues are really because he’s a narcissist and sociopath. 

July: Stupidly start on birth control pills because my (now ex!) boyfriend won’t use condoms. And he wonders why he has two kids that weren’t planned. Idiot. First major fight after he tells me his ex wife was naked when he arrived to see his girls and he says he still wants her. Find out he’s sleeping around. FUCKING IDIOT (me) decides to stay with him. 

August: He stops having sex with me because he says I like it too much and women should try to be less enthusiastic and more passive. What the fuck?! Worst summer vacation ever. He goes on two trips by himself and doesn’t tell me; I find out from a coworker and FUCKING STUPIDLY go back to him after telling him I’m finished. 

September: No real sense of whether I’m single or not because he’s a douche who won’t tell me. I make the decision for him. FUCKING STUPIDLY agree to go on another date with him after he asks. Get drunk a week later and he has sex with me while I’m unconscious. Please clarify: is this rape or sexual assault? YOU KNOW WHAT?! IT DOESN’T MATTER BECAUSE EITHER WAY IT IS VERY, VERY WRONG!

October: Who knows. More stupid decisions but at least I made one good one to stop talking to him or even acknowledging him at work. Pieces of shit don’t deserve that. 
November: Cycling across Shimanamikaido with my friend. FUCKING STUPIDLY extend an olive branch and break the silence but retract it again after I realise this needs to end. Finally. Wisdom tooth ripped out- best job in my life.

December: Computer dies and so does hot water system but a week of cold showers actually does me good meditation wise. My three ‘brothers’ arrive from America and I realise I don’t want or need any guy who isn’t going to give me top priority and treat me properly. Also learn I need to do that for myself more. 

So yeah 2016 fucking sucked but I guess I had to go through all that to emerge stronger and be where I’m supposed to be. 


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