Merry Christmas everyone! 

Merry Christmas everyone! Or as we say here in Japan, メリークリスマス!

Today is Christmas Eve, but here in Japan, that’s when Christmas is celebrated. Tonight people will be eating fried chicken and strawberry shortcake because, well, that’s what Japanese people consider to be traditional Christmas foods. Fried chicken?! Yes, yes, I know!

This Christmas I have family here. Well my American family that is! I have a mom and dad who I refer to as my sis and bro and well, three boys who despite being younger than me are much, much bigger than me! They’re the little brothers I always wanted but never had the chance to have. 

Yesterday as we walked downtown doing some last minute shopping I noticed the girls all going gaga over them. Especially the blonde one. As the middle one was telling a story and put his arm around me, I happened to see one of my students. Waving at him, I saw him take one look at who I was with and then grin. I know the story will be all over Twitter this morning. 

How am I spending my Christmas in Japan this year? 

Well this morning I’m off to see the new ‘Star Wars,’ movie with my family and then tonight we’re having a traditional Christmas dinner at the local Irish pub before heading to Midnight Mass. I haven’t been to Church in years. I suspect it may fall down when I walk in. What makes it even stranger is that I asked if I could come along. Go figure!

Better get ready for this movie! 

Merry Christmas all! 



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