365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 353

353. Games:

I’d never been one for playing games. 

That was, until I met The Narcissist. 

He played games and he played me for a fool. 

In the beginning at least. 

He knew I was smart and he knew I had many talents. He knew I had many friends and yet he underestimated me. 

Oh yes, he did. 
Lovely Lisa would never do anything bad. She didn’t have a dark side. That’s what I’d been told. 

But then again, I’d never been pushed far enough. I discovered I did have a dark side; everybody does. And mine had been unleashed. 

The Narcissist was going to get a taste of his own medicine and by the time I had finished with him, he wasn’t going to know what had hit him. 

Karma was a bitch and I was learning that it was my middle name. 


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