365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 350

350. Teamwork:

I’d never been particularly fond of teamwork. It seemed to be the sort of thing where you ended up with a group of people who did very little and one person who did everything. 

That one person was always me. 

To be honest, even if they had been a reasonably good bunch, in the past I hadn’t trusted anyone enough to rely on them to finish the job. Hence why I figured it was just easier to do everything myself. At least then I’d know it was done. And done to a proper standard that I was satisfied with. If it wasn’t, then I only had myself to blame and I could live with that. 

But you’ll have noticed that I said, ‘I’d never been fond of…” meaning that now I feel differently. 

I guess that’s because I found a group of wonderful friends who love and support me and who I know will do anything for me as I will for them. 

I guess I learned to trust someone other than myself. 


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