365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 349

349. Magnetic:

Both of them had that ability to draw people to them. 

She wasn’t particularly beautiful, but there was something about her. When she walked into a room, people stopped and took notice. Her quirky and honest personality meant that people liked her. She was genuine and that was a rare thing. 

He was charming, although not particularly interesting or social. Nevertheless he could fake it and he did; very, very well. He had everybody fooled. 

The difference between them though was that the more people got to know her, the more they liked her. She was very, very easy to fall in love with. She had a big heart and she shared her love with those around her. 

He, however, was one of those people that the more you got to know, the more he shut you out. He wasn’t real and people could sense that. They didn’t want to be around him after awhile and so he was left yet again. 

She loved herself very much; she knew her worth and treated others with respect. 

He didn’t. He blamed other’s for his own misgivings and never took responsibility. 

That’s why they could never be together. They were the complete opposite. But unlike a positive and a negative, there was no magnetic force between them. 

And so she went her own way and she lived happily ever after.


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