365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 345

345. Random Act of Kindness:

It had started out as just a random act of kindness but now it had become her entire life. 

She hadn’t realised that that first act would be the beginning of a whole new way of thinking and something that would even change the person she was. 

Feeling down one day she had ‘Googled’ the words, ‘random acts of kindness,’ and had stumbled upon a website that encouraged you to start doing simple things that made people’s lives better. 

And not just people you knew, but people you didn’t know. 

She was hooked. Her unhappiness had been replaced with a joy that only came from giving and she knew that the positivity that she was putting out there would also continue and would also return threefold. 

Being nice in a world that many people believed had gone bad was her way of keeping the faith and hope alive. 

Love is all you need, she thought to herself. 


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