365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 340

340. Unfinished:

It looked… unfinished. 

It felt unfinished too. 

He sighed and put down the paintbrush he was holding. He wasn’t sure what he wanted it to look like anymore. 

In the beginning he’d had a plan. Everyone always had a plan. The thing was though, once you started you realised that things changed and you wanted something different, so you added a bit here, left out a bit there and sometimes started again. 

He’d been working on this for so long now. He couldn’t just abandon it. 

Maybe he just needed a new perspective. 

He tilted his head to one side. 

Nope, still looked the same. 

Why was this all so difficult? He thought it should have been easy. 

Being God wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and painting the Canvas of Life was not a simple task. 

Sometimes he wished he was just an ordinary human being. 


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