365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 339

339. Pick Me Up:

I needed a pick me up. 

My first reaction was always to reach for a can of alcohol; alcohol that was always in my fridge.

I opened the door to find nothing. 
Where had it all gone? 

“Ah, you drank it, remember sis?” my younger sibling said from the door. She’d answered a question that hadn’t even been spoken. She was good like that. 

I sighed. 

“Yeah, I remember,” I replied. “I said I was going to finish that last can and then that was it.”

I had made the promise half drunk. I had decided it was about time to get my life back. I couldn’t keep playing the victim. Then I would be as bad as him. 



Being raped wasn’t something you just got over easily. 

Being raped by a now ex-boyfriend was even worse. They were supposed to be someone you loved and could trust. 

I guess I had learned that it’s often the ones closest to us that hurt us the most. 

I wanted to kill him. Even better, I wants him to die. If he died I could forget more easily. I thought drinking would help me forget, but it only numbed the pain temporarily. 

I guess more than anything I wanted two things: 1. For him to admit he had raped me and say sorry and 2. I wanted to make him pay. I wanted to take him down and destroy him. 

But I knew that all I had to do was sit back and let karma do her thing. When she was finished with him he would be a shell of a man. 

And that’s what a rapist deserved. 


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