365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 338

338. Word of the Day:

Today I was asked to find a random word and use it in my writing so I went here to generate a word. 

My word… Femme fatale. 
She was a femme fatale, plain and simple. 

Her with the short, curly, wild hair and the flashing sometimes green, sometimes brown eyes. 

I had never felt this way about anyone and my absolute control for everything was no longer working for me. 

Like a siren I was called to her and no matter how much I tried to deny that I felt something for her, the stronger I felt her pull. 

I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat and my daily hikes had become runs through the mountains.

I found myself consumed with passion for her and more than once I had groaned out loud trying to ignore it. 

I looked a wreck and my fellow workers had started to notice. My hair was losing its lustre and my shirt was always dishevelled, my buttons askew. 

What was I to do?

She wouldn’t talk to me, let alone look at me anymore. I knew that was my own fault for what I’d done to her but I was hoping beyond hope that she would eventually forgive me. 

The silence was heavy. I could feel it weighing me down and I was powerless against it. 

I had stuffed everything up. Now I had nothing and I suddenly realised she had been right all along. 

No women had ever been this strong. She was stronger than me and much smarter than I would ever be. She had options while I had none. I had successfully isolated myself from everyone and now I was more lonely than I’d ever been. 

What was I going to do?


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