365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 337

337. Corporation:

I didn’t want to work for a big corporation. It was so impersonal. I wanted a place where everyone knew each other’s name. I didn’t realise, however, that a place that small also meant that everyone knew each other’s business too. 

When I walked into work on Monday after a weekend where I remembered little but knew I’d had a good time, I didn’t expect to find everyone talking about it. 
I mean, it’s not like it was a work function, I’d been out with friends. 

Well, one friend in particular. 

Actually, I don’t know if I could call him a friend because we didn’t particularly like each other, we just liked the sex. I think ‘fuck buddy’ was a more appropriate term. 

“Hey!!!!!!” one of the guys yelled out as I walked into the office. 

“Heard you had a great night on Saturday!”

I raised my eyebrows. “Yeah?” I replied, more question than answer.

“Everyone is talking about it. Apparently you went to a love hotel.”

“Why,” I asked, “would I go to a love hotel when I have a perfectly good apartment where I live alone?”

I knew he was fishing for information and I sure as hell wasn’t going to give it to him. 

It was at that moment my boss walked in. He nodded to me and I did the same. 

Did I mention my fuck buddy is also my boss? 


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