365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 333

333. Banking:

I know this prompt refers to money and banking but I decided to get a little creative as you should and change it up a bit. Hope you like it!

Felipe carefully placed the new heart on the shelf. He smiled, dusted off his hands and closed the cupboard doors with a feeling of great satisfaction. 

The latest one was indeed beautiful and of course so it should be because it was the most pure one he’d come across for… Well ever actually. 

It came from an amazing woman and he’d taken a chance as she had on him when she finally gave her heart away. 

The others in his collection were not so lovely and many went cracked and broken in places. Some had shattered completely and lay in pieces. 

It was his fault of course; he hadn’t handled them properly but he would never admit to that. 

He liked to think of the hearts as a type of banking; storing them away for future use in case he needed them. 

Little did he know though, that unless hearts were used and given freely, the reward just wasn’t worth it. There was no point leaving them to sit on the shelf. 
Maybe one day he’d realise that… 

But none of the women the hearts belonged to believed that would ever happen.


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