365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 331

331. Recipe:

When I was a kid and my dad was in charge of cooking for the night, I would always ask, “What’s for dinner?” and hope he said something other than omelette. Omelette was his speciality, or so he thought. 

The thing was though, he never just made an ordinary omelette. He always had to experiment. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the addition of ham, tomato, mushrooms or cheese; these are NORMAL omelette ingredients. But my dad never added them. Instead, we got things like curry powder or Thai spicy sauce. 

I never thought he had much influence on me and when he left at the age of 16 I completely shut down all memories of him. I didn’t think I was anything like the distant person he’d become and I certainly didn’t have any trace of his personality. 

Fast forward to adulthood. 


I loved it and still do, although nowadays my cooking is virtually nil in an apartment the size of a shoebox. 

Nevertheless, when I began cooking I would pour over cookbooks and magazines and plan my week of dinners. 
The thing was though, I never stuck to the recipe. I got adventurous. I figured that unless I was cooking something like a cake where ingredients need to be precise, anything else could be modified or changed completely. I broke all the rules.

I loved tasting my food and working out what needed to be added in to give it that extra kick or that magic that can only come from the one who is preparing the meal.

I mixed peanut butter and cinnamon and made a dressing for pumpkin and pecan nut salads. I added mango to smoked chicken with a sprinkling of cashew nuts and soy sauce. 

I hadn’t realized it, but I was more like my dad than I knew. 

When I discovered the truth, rather than being shocked and trying to deny it, I now completely understood ‘the omelette concept.’

In fact, the concept can be applied to life. Always ensure you add a little bit of yourself to anything; it enhances the flavor and no one will ever forget you. 


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