365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 328

328. The Windows of the Soul:

I had always thought that the most beautiful part of a person were their eyes. You could tell when they smiled whether it was genuine or not by looking closely at the way the light fell and how the skin around them crinkled. My mum said that if their smile never reached their eyes then it wasn’t real. I’d always remembered her words. 

The saying that the eyes were “the windows to the soul,” always resonated with me and I spent countless hours staring at myself in the mirror, trying to work out what it was that I saw. 

My soul was supposed to be one of the pure ones and yet I couldn’t tell simply by looking. I guess that looks could be deceiving. 

Take Luwellen for instance. His eyes had captivated me from the very beginning. They were like dark pools of chocolate that I felt I could drown in if I looked at him for too long. They held my own eyes intensely when he spoke to me and no matter what, I found I couldn’t look away. I was the kind of girl who avoided human contact and especially close range eye contact and yet his eyes had somehow entranced me. I felt like a deer in the headlights. 

Although they were intense, they were also kind and they would soften as he reached out a hand to stroke my face. 

I couldn’t stand to think about him now though. Not now that I had had a glimpse of who he really was. I had seen into the depths of his soul and what I’d found didn’t reflect his eyes. Instead, I’d found a harsh lump of a soul, devoid of any real feeling and incapable of truly loving someone after all these years of suppression. 

He wasn’t human anymore. 

He was a demon in human flesh. 


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