365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 312

312. Idiom:

Sure, in the beginning I’d been upset, but to tell you the truth, only for about five minutes. I couldn’t see the point in wasting tears on someone who was not only a cunt, but a disgusting human being. 

At first he’d been charming. My coworkers and friends had warned me about him. 

“He’s sleazy.”

“He fucks everything.”

“He’s a sex addict.”

I’d put it down to jealousy. 

Stupid me.

There’d been signs all the way along but I had either ignored them or made excuses. 

“He has a lot of issues,” I’d told my friends. 

I didn’t realise that those issues involved being a narcissist and a control freak who used sex to dominate and manipulate women. Oh, not to mention his ability to blame others for all his problems and never take responsibility. He was a real piece of work.

But all that had changed when I got sick. That was when I realised that despite feeling like crap, it truly was a blessing in disguise.

Sometimes you needed a reality check and that was mine. 

Goodbye Felix I thought. You’re a fucked a piece of shit. 


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