365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 307

307. Glasses:

I had to laugh. 

Why did Hollywood movies assume that putting glasses on an already attractive girl suddenly rendered her unattractive?

Some of the most beautiful women and indeed, most handsome men I knew wore glasses. Some of them then chose to get contacts and I was always a little disappointed. Mainly, because to me, they suddenly weren’t half as good. 

Maybe I was bias. 

My glasses were pretty fucking awesome after all. 

I also had to chuckle at the inability of Lois Lane to see that Superman was clearly Clark Kent, just wearing underwear over his pants. Oh and the glasses thing too of course.

Glasses weren’t a disguise and they certainly weren’t a giver or ‘taker-er away’ of looks. They didn’t give you special powers, they didn’t suddenly make you more intelligent and they definitely weren’t just for fashion.

Most of us wore them because without them we’d be blind. 


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