365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 299

299. Concrete: 

How was I going to explain this? 

How was I going to tell my strict atheist friends about the fact that just lately I had been visiting my local shrine? 

I couldn’t even explain it to myself. All I knew was that it felt right. I was more of an open minded atheist than some of them. I didn’t think it mattered whether or not you ‘prayed’ at a shrine because whether it worked or not, if it made you feel better it wasn’t a bad thing. 

Who cares whether the gods existed or not either. As long as your intention was there I believed it worked. 

My friends, however, preferred something a little more concrete. They were logical, fact-driven people who wanted to see the proof. I didn’t care what I saw it didn’t see, as long as I didn’t harm anyone in the process. 

They would think I was naive for believing, I wondered if they considered they might be naive for  not believing in something greater than themselves. 

Control was a major factor though. They wanted to control life and hadn’t yet realised there was very little we actually control. 

But hey, that was their journey and as far as I was concerned now, I wasn’t wasting my time anymore talking to people who didn’t want to change their opinion and open their minds to the possibilities. 

I needed to accept that too. 


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