365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 296

296. Cravings: 

Most people’s cravings were for food. Lori’s were not.

Hers were the sexual kind and when one hit, she was like a drug addict looking for a fix. She needed it and she needed it now.

Some people said that women didn’t like sex as much as men. That was pure bullshit. She was the kind of woman who wanted and needed it at least twice a day. Morning sex was the perfect way to be woken up and evening sex meant you could get a good night sleep. 

She wasn’t obsessed with it, but it was a big part of her life and she felt, a necessary part of any healthy relationship. Without physical intimacy, what was the point of love? How else were you supposed to express it?

This craving had come out of nowhere and for once there was nothing at all she could do about it. She wanted the man she’d been involved with, had an affair with so to speak but had never slept with. He respected her too much for that. She’d initially thought he didn’t want her, that he was keeping her at arm’s length. The simple fact was that this married man was completely in love with her but he wouldn’t allow himself to give in because he knew in the end it would only result in heartache for both of them. He had moved overseas for a job and hence, there was no satisfying this craving.

A craving that couldn’t be satisfied… What to do?

Shopping, I need to go shopping, she thought to herself. Although it didn’t completely fix the situation,  it was the one thing that acted like a temporary Band-Aid and for now, that was enough. 


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