365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 289

289. Imperfection: 

Imperfection was good. It meant that something or someone was real. If it wasn’t covered up, but clearly visible for all to see, it was even better. 

But, how many imperfections together made something or someone not so appealing after all?

I knew I had my own but I also knew that the ones that I had weren’t so serious. 

My ex-boyfriend’s on the other hand amounted to a list:

– controlling

– selfish

– completely unaware

– inconsiderate of others around him

– arrogant (as in the low self esteem type)

– could never admit when he was wrong

– never said sorry for something he did

– never took responsibility for his own actions

– always blamed others

– at times, racist

– hypocritical

– looking back… often pretty boring 

Yep, it wasn’t exactly a list you wanted to see. In fact, it was only now that I COULD see. 

He wasn’t a very nice person at all. 

Certainly not the right person for me. 


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