365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 288

288. Sacrifice: 

I had always associated the word, ‘sacrifice,’ with something that was far removed from modern, daily life. I thought of ritual sacrifice like the ancient Mayans or Biblical sacrifice of animals to ensure a good harvest. 

I never thought it was something I would do myself but I had and now that I recognised it for what it was, I knew I would never do it again.

Loving someone freely without conditions was easy for me. I believed you should show someone and tell someone you love without being afraid of their response. Even if they didn’t love you in return, love was never wasted. It meant you had a heart. It meant you had feelings, emotions and passion for someone other than yourself. It meant you were selfless. 

Besides which, if they didn’t love you in return they simply weren’t the person for you. It was time to let them go and keep putting your love out there. 

Sacrifice, to me denoted something you gave up for a higher good. It was a way of showing your loyalty and of surrendering. 

I couldn’t believe that I had nearly sacrificed a part of myself because I believed someone was worthy.

In fact, what I had learned was that true love didn’t require you to sacrifice things; compromise yes, but never to give up something that was a part of you. If someone demanded that, then you needed to show them the door.

So that’s what I done. And suddenly, I was happy, stress-free and sleeping well for the first time in months. 

Jade was back. 


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