365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 283

283. Brick Wall:

He stared up at the brick wall, his hands on his hips. 


Nothing could get in now. Nothing would be able to scale the wall and nothing would be able to permeate it or seep through the cracks either. There were no cracks actually. He’d made sure that he’d sealed everything. 

He smiled to himself. He was safe and secure now. 

Suddenly his smile vanished. True, nothing could get in, but he had just realised that nothing could get out either. 

Including him. 
This piece is dedicated to all the people, including myself who have at some point in their lives erected ‘walls’ to protect themselves and keep people out. I can now say from experience that although that is true to some extent, you’re also limiting yourself and shutting down and ignoring your own emotions and feelings. It won’t work for long. 


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