365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 280

280. A Far Away Place:

I wanted to run away to a far away place, somewhere in the mountains where it was quiet and had snow. 

And no phone reception. 

I wanted to hole up in the log cabin I’d envisioned and sit in front of the fireplace drinking hot chocolate and eating apple pie. 

I wanted piles of pillows and blankets to keep me warm and in that safe cocoon I would stay until I’d worked out how I felt. 

Actually, I knew how I felt and what I wanted but the depth of my emotions and needs terrified me and I didn’t quite want to deal with them just yet. 

Then again, why was I trying to run away? I couldn’t. I was trying to run away from myself and that was impossible. 

So there I was and there I had it. I was stuck here and I had to just face the problem like an adult. 

That was difficult to do though because I still felt like a teenager who’d confessed her love for the first time. 

Maybe we never really grow up. 


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