365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 278

278. Sticky:

It was a sticky situation but not the kind you would expect. 

Actually, it was the literal kind. 

Why I had decided that covering my naked body in maple syrup was a good idea was beyond me. 

It had all started when my Canadian boyfriend had mentioned body paint. I have a milk allergy so chocolate was out, I didn’t want to use honey (it reminded me of lesbians- not that I don’t like them… You know what I mean!) and so I thought why not honour his homeland and use maple syrup? 

I was sticking to everything. I could feel it oozing into places no food should go and when my phone beeped with a message I wasn’t exactly sure how to read it without covering it in syrup too. 

I licked my finger and slid the bar across to unlock it. 

“Can we do tomorrow night instead?” 

I picked up the phone and flung it across the room. I didn’t care how much syrup was on it now, I cared that I’d gone to this much trouble for no reason. 

Then again, it’s not like I should have been surprised. 

Life with him had become a constant source of disappointment. 


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