365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 276

276. Doodle: 

“My doodle is hard.”

Carrie stopped. 

Had he really just said that?

Had the guy she thought she was in love with just referred to his penis as a doodle?

She turned to look at him. Surely she was mistaken. 

“Sorry, what did you just say?” she asked him. 

He puffed out his lower lip and said, “My doodle is hard.”

Nope, she’d heard him correctly.

That was it: the deal breaker. She couldn’t possibly move in with a guy who still used that word for his penis.

“Sorry Ben, I can’t live with you.”

And with that, she picked up her purse from the bench and walked out. 

When would her front bum finally find its match? she thought on her way out. 

When you also stop using juvenile words! boomed her subconscious. 

It was right. Clearly she was still just a big kid trying to play grown ups. This adult thing was harder than it looked. 


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