365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 270

270. Map it Out:

Jessica had always been the girl who wanted to map it out.

Her life, that was.

She knew exactly what she wanted to be doing, where she wanted to be and who she wanted to marry by the age of 25. In fact, she referred to it as her “five year plan.”

The thing was, she never counted on university not meeting her expectations. She never counted on the fact that she would end up living in her dead-end hometown again and she could never have predicted that the love of her life who she had gone out with and broken up with and gotten back together with, would suddenly die.

For the first time she could actually see that life was never what you expected and was the kind of thing that threw curveballs that you just had to dodge or adapt to.

It was do or die. Darwin had been right; it really was survival of the fittest.

Now, at the age of 33, nearly 34, she realised time was ticking and she needed to do something, because she hadn’t really done much until now. She needed to work out what it was she wanted to do, where it was that she really wanted to live and where she could do both of these things with Terry, her completely unexpected, totally amazing, worth his weight in gold, boyfriend.

He liked hiking and as a result, he knew how to read maps, but she wasn’t sure if he was ready to have a conversation about mapping out their life together just yet.

Maybe they didn’t need a map. Maybe they could just head off in some direction and see where it led.

Fuck it, Jessica thought. Maps and plans have never gotten me anywhere before. Let’s just see where it goes.



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