365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 261

261. Rocks and Gems:

He wasn’t sure exactly which category she fell into. Well, at least what her namesake was anyway. Rocks and gems weren’t his forte, so he was relying on Google and anything it could tell him about jade.

She would have described herself as a rock; something annoying, much like a small stone in someone’s shoe that kept evading them whenever they took it off and turned it upside down to shake out. She would no doubt still be there, wearing away at their insides just to make sure they knew she was still around.

Yep, that pretty much summed her up.

Then again, she was also a rock mentally. Nothing much phased her, or at least, she hid it well. He knew he better than most people and knew she was just very good at hiding stuff. But sometimes it just got too much for her and erupted in a wave of emotion.

He’d been the target of that emotion more than once.

But, as his mother liked to remind him regularly, she was a gem; a true gem. Like a diamond in the rough, she stood out and he’d picked her. He couldn’t deny that. He’d been the one who’d pursued her. He hadn’t expected though to fall so deep and he hadn’t expected that she would feel anything much for him in return.

How wrong both of them had been.

He smiled to himself as he rubbed his finger gently over the piece of jade he’d bought for her. He had planned to cut and polish it and make it into something like a necklace or ring, but he’d decided it was perfect just the way it was. It was raw, natural and yet absolutely beautiful, just like her. He didn’t want to change a thing.



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