365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 258

258. Out of the Box:

I didn’t want to take it out of the box; it was too fragile.

I needed to keep it safe; I needed to protect it.

I wondered if perhaps I should wrap it in tissue paper to make sure it didn’t break. There were already numerous scars on it, although these had healed over nicely.

I reached into the box and gently turned it over. A fresh wound, still very raw stared up at me. I felt the familiar tug in my chest.

Yes, I recognized that feeling.

I gingerly lay it back down and closed the lid.

Yes, better to keep it locked away for now. Who knew what outside influences would do further damage.

I carried the box over to my cupboard and placed it carefully at the very back against the wall. Nice and safe. There was no one to hurt it there. Closing the door I turned the key and locked it.

Safe. Secure.

For now, my heart needed protecting.



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